Another insomnia today, because i’ve been thinking about my mom recently,

Since my mother passed away, i’ve often dreaming about her. Yes, i miss her badly. Loosing her was the first saddest moment in my life. And in my dream, she’s come back alive, but still in a state of her illness. She’s so fragile there, i’ve help her to move, and hug her sometimes. And when i awake, i felt so upset, because she’s not here anymore..

Hhh.. I still remember the sense of my last time embraced her, her tiny body, her white hair, her tears in my shoulder, her voice was sounds trembling and sad.. Telling me that she has no more time to live, and keep asking me for taking care of my father when she’s gone. At past, i tought she’s acting spoiled.. I never tought it’s her last message..

It might just my remorseful for not giving all i can do to take care of her when she’s sick. My love encourage me, he said that i did it, i’ve done for gave her all i can do. But i thought it will never enough.



Little “siesta” / Pequeña siesta (ilustración de Alena Tkach)

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I say yes to more of all of these! ^u^

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A Palestinian medic is overwhelmed by emotion as he takes a break treating wounded people by Israeli strikes, at the emergency room of the Kamal Adwan hospital in Beit Lahiya on July 19, 2014. According to the hospital, there were more than 35 wounded Palestinians from different Israeli strikes that arrived at the hospital Saturday — five with serious wounds, and three were dead on arrival. (Lefteris Pitarakis/AP)

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Jehad Saftawi, IMEU:

"On July 16, while I was in eastern Gaza City taking photos of the many buildings recently destroyed by Israeli forces, a man approached me and asked if I wanted to enter his home to take photos of the inside.

I accepted his offer and as he showed me around, I learned his name is Khamis Mraish and that his brother, Dr. Riad Mraish, ran a clinic from the home.  As Khamis took me through each corner of the house, he described in detail the damage in every room. Most of the family’s belongings, including Dr. Mraish’s medical equipment, were now ruined, scattered in pieces and covered with debris.

It was horribly sad to witness his pain — and how he so badly wanted to share his story with the world. And the more people I speak with, the more I realize there is this same feeling everywhere. The people in Gaza want, and need, the world to see what they are going through.”

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Speaking of which, i already thinking of having my second child, at present. Hahaha…

I was thinking, when is the right time to have another child? i tought when Harun 5YO or 7YO is the right time. He will understood about having a younger sister/brother. Well.. I never insisting to have a daughter, but i wish God will gave me another son later. I don’t hate a girl as my child, but raising a daughter will need more effort. Remember that i was a rebel back then, just thinking about it already make me feel stressed. Hahaha..


A few days ago, i’ve made private all of my account in social media including my blog, except here. I feel insecure lately, because i put alot of my personal photos before there, when i think about it twice, oh it feels uncomfortable. There’s a chance of my photos can be used as something bad by someone who hate me? Who’s know.. I was so clueless and too extrovert, puting all of my personal stuff in socmed. I tought that there’s no people who hate me, until someone criticize me in my blog about my opinion, anonym ofcourse, they don’t have the courage to put their actual id, bleeh..

But here, in tumblr, i’ll keep it public, because i still practice writing in english, maybe somebody can help me to correcting my sentence? Hehe..

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One Day

a unique series of landscapes in which Japanese photographer Ken Kitano uses long exposures to capture sunrise to sunset throughout the course of one single day. 

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Damn Girl Ya Look Good

Sick socks, birthday outfits, above-average feet, and looking cool on the (service industry) job. By Marie.

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